Lent & The True Meaning of Repentance

  1. If our life right now is not a heaven-like experience then we must be missing the mark (aka “sinning”);
  2. To experience the perfection or peace Jesus is talking about, we need to stop using our conscious selves (our body/mind) as the source of wisdom and direction in our life. We need to go beyond the mind (aka “repent”).
  3. An annual ritual we can practice to help us go beyond the mind is to spend forty days choosing one thing that our body/mind craves each day and give it up. Like a mindfulness bell in a Zen monastery that brings us back to an awareness of the present moment, the daily act of forsaking something we enjoy, however insignificant, reminds us of the secret Jesus revealed that shows us how to experience oneness and perfection right here and now.
  1. Jesus entering Jerusalem (Palm Sunday).
  2. The Last Supper & his betrayal/arrest. (Maundy Thursday).
  3. Crucifixion, death and burial (Good Friday. Holy Saturday is traditionally spent in silence, symbolizing the stillness of his entombment.)
  4. His Resurrection (Easter).



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Zebediah Rice

Zebediah Rice

Zeb is a partner at King River Capital (www.kingriver.co). He also publishes regular guided meditations & wellness recordings (www.happymlb.com)